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Eyes of the Cowan Book Cover Eyes of the Cowan
Lena Austin
Romance. Paranormal
Changeling Press LLC
Apr 14, 2015
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I loved this book, it was so nice to read about a woman that is much like myself. Not the skeptic necessarily, but the BBW that I am. The heroine of this book Valda was funny, sarcastic, and just too witty for her own good. Her wit and random thoughts that just pop into her mouth at all the wrong times just made me laugh. She actually reminds me a lot of Tonks from the Harry Potter series. Sometimes she can be entirely too klutzy, but other times, she isn't.

Her "real deal" witch Blaze was sexy, hot, and downright witchy. I think he was attracted to her even before they actually met in person, which is saying something important. It was so nice to see such a downright sexy man falling for a woman that isn't a stick figure. I think the thing I liked most about Blaze is he always tried so hard not to get mad when she said something that wasn't quite acceptable in the world of Witches.

In fact, the funniest part of this book was Valda calling the Goddess of Creation, "Granny." I think I laughed so hard that I am surprised I didn't cry in mirth. Its funny mainly because Valda didn't really mean any disrespect, how would a Cowan know what the Goddess looked like?

I may not be entirely well versed in the world of witches, and haven't been for years, but even I know that the Goddess is said to take three forms, the Maiden, The Mother, and the Crone. All of which feature in a small essence in this book. I found the whole book fascinating, entertaining, funny, and it was very hard to stop reading until it was done. This is a very recommended read.

Book Summary
Blaze Robinson is a newly-renowned pagan author (a la Scott Cunningham), with all the attendant problems. He cherishes his privacy, and wishes nothing more than a peaceful Beltane holiday alone. However, his agent has persuaded him to do the one thing he hates — give a face-to-face interview with Valda Lyman, a magazine columnist and skeptic. Her satirical column has been Blaze’s favorite way to laugh, so he grants the interview.Valda has a secret reason of her own for coming to spend the week at Blaze’s Florida home. Not only does she want to debunk this elite darling of the New Age crowd, but she thinks she’s going crazy. She’s seeing “glows” around people and things, and she’s looking for a logical explanation to it all. Sparks and magic fly when Blaze discovers Valda is young, voluptuous, and just as charmingly satirical as her column, and Valda discovers she’s staying with a “real deal” witch. Beltane has never been this hot, even in Florida.